Thursday, December 18, 2008

Of all the idiocies...

...Bill Abney as the President of the Community Center?

Really? I have every respect for Michael Chanak, Rusty Lockett, and Adam Reilly. Don't get me wrong. (I don't know the two women.)

But the Board seems to be dwindling -- again. And they elect Bill freakin' Abney as the President.

That's lunacy.

That's like... well, it would be like electing me as the President of the Board. I'm flaky and strange; I have unusual, crazy nights out; I can be found on late at night; I have insulted and condescended to about every person in the community; I have an occasional problem with drinking; I have a background that can be described as "murky" at best; I can sometimes be described as incompetent and unintelligible; and I can be a downright bitch.

Apparently, I, too, am qualified to be the President.

What happened to Joe Penno? Did we jade someone that quickly? Did he, as he may have indicated, become too annoyed with the process and the processes that he was tired of the attempt? Did he move completely over to organize Pride -- see my previous post?

Of all the idiocies, of all the incompetencies...

...this one tops the list.


Jere Keys said...

My understanding at this point is that Joe and Bill are co-chairs of Pride. I don't know any more than that yet.

Sr. Lustee Raw'ket said...
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