Thursday, December 18, 2008

On having sex with straight men (Rainbow Cinci post)

New post over at Rainbow Cincinnati, this time entitled On having sex with straight men... which I'm sure will be of great interest to all of my dear gay readers.

Your preview:

A few months ago, Vivica (drag name) called me and, with purses falling out of her mouth, she squealed, "I had sex with a straight guy!"

"Yea? When? Where is he?" I responded.

"Right here, playing Halo!"


Just this past weekend, darling Katy of Kate's Random's Musings was driving me home from our meet-up when she turned to me and asked: What percentage of straight men have sex with other men?

Do you want the official stats or personal experiences?

I'm here to tell you, ladies, it's a lot of them. And in this, your best gay girlfriend is not going to be your best friend. (click here for the full version) (click here for the QueerCincinnati column archive)

Darren also updated his blog!!!! Don't forget to check it out, as well as all the rest of the excellent content over there by clicking on the picture below :

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Jere Keys said...

I'd comment over on Rainbow Cincinnati, but it's not recognizing my login and I don't want to fight with it at almost 5 am.

I've had sex with plenty of straight guys, too. In my days of cruising adult video arcades, I finished up with one guy or another before noticing the wedding band (tacky, take it off before trolling the booths) or being shown pictures of the kids (less tacky, because it was sort of sweet). I usually end up feeling sorry for these guys living in apparently stifling closets and seeking out anonymous encounters. Never did master the art of online hookups, though, so when I do check out the craigslist postings, I skip over the ones that advertise "discretion" and "straight guys" looking for a something different. I also avoid the ones that say things like "no fems" and are particular about things like race. In general, CL just makes me sad about the bullshit bias that infests the community. At least at a theatre or bathhouse, the most I have to face about a trick is a few brief words of conversation and I don't have to find out they're a racist and coping with internalized heterosexism.