Monday, December 22, 2008

Penny Tration on Queer Cincinnati????

Hello Everyone,

Our Fearless Leader, Barry, invited me to be a contributor to  Who's Excited (insert applause here).  I thought I'd do a little intro before regular posting - so here goes:

Picture it - Cincinnati, Ohio - The Dock Complex - Spring 1992...

A gay in his veritable youth was fortunate enough to be present for a performance by Ms. Hurricane Summers.  He, in his infinite wisdom and complete lack of couth, decided to barge into the dressing room and introduce himself to the defrocked Star.  

The scars have taken 15 years to heal. 

Later that year, the Drag Queen Helga was hatched.  Without a mother to guide this young drag queen, she molded herself after the extraordinary talents of the late Divine.  While slowly honing her craft in a suburban void, she was presented with the opportunity to emigrate to New York City; Needless to say, she jumped at the chance to be in the center of all that is gay! 

October 2001 -  An off-chance showing at the famed Halloween Parade Costume Contest pushed this drag queen into the spotlight where she shined like a new penny.  After another contest that evening hosted by the legendary Kenny Dash at SBNY (formerly Splash) and a quick re-invention, Penny Tration burst onto the New York City drag scene and never looked back. 

March 2003 - Penny Tration came back to her roots in Cincinnati, Ohio and has worked extensively with The Court (the local chapter of the International Court System) to raise money for HIV/AIDS charities and Breast Cancer Awareness.  About a year later, after her tenure with the court was complete, she was accepted at The Dock Complex and offered a position on cast. 

November 2005 - Penny hosted the Grand Opening Party at the newest Club in the Midwest, Adonis. 

February 2006 - Penny embarked on an unexpected journey into local (and somewhat fickle) celebrity by becoming the Show Director and Nightly Hostess at Adonis The Night Club.  Hosting shows and booking performers from all over the country, Penny has been exposed to a level of talent that was totally unexpected. 

October 2007 - Adonis the Night Club was named one of the Top 50 Gay Bars in the World by Out Magazine with the Cabaret aspects (Penny’s Weekly Show) prominently featured. 

November 2008 - Penny was crowned Miss Ohio Gay Pride 2009 on November 15th at Axis Night Club in Columbus, Ohio

Today - Becoming a staple entertainer in the region and a seasoned-proffesional on the internet, Penny has been exposed to a number of amazing opportunities - not the least of which is being invited to contribute to  You can catch her weekly VideoBlogs or join her mailing list for a recap of the weekend events around Cincinnati.

It's been quite a ride!

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The Seeker said...

As I sit here on my computer listening to Cyndi Lauper and Brittany Spears I read these 2 new entries on QC, and this makes my day!!! I spent my day off work with no parents home, so I watched movies on LOGO all day, and now I see that we're joined by my favorite drag queen EVER!!! Yaaaaay Penny!!! Welcome!!!
Once my laptop stops being bitchy I'll get another vlog of mine up, and until them ya'll (Ms. Chanak included) will just have to hold on to your britches and not bitch too much! I'm technologically impaired!