Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blog by phone!!!

First blog by phone.

I bought myself a smart phone - a Samsung Blackjack II. Overall good performance. Runs on Windows which means it could be faster, but Microsoft would probably just eat that up with unnecessary junk.

I do like checking my email via phone though. Not like I am responding any faster.

Joint celebration of my two sister's birthdays. 21 and 23. Jeez. Now we are all adults.

My mother is not happy with this.


Quimbob said...

"My mother is not happy with this."

Michael Chanak Jr said...

Although my phone is not as grand as yours, I have a Samsung Spex. I've had the Motorola, the Nokia...and even the Kyocera...but my Samsung has just been grand.

And you know, it gets that heavy use.