Monday, December 15, 2008


Over at Rainbow Cincinnati, in response to the piece by Jason Boeckman, we got some fun responses. These are the comments that were left on the blog:

gay? ur going to burn in hell!
Submitted by artsnfarts99 on December 2, 2008 - 11:32pm.
silly faggot dicks are 4 chicks!!!!

gay men out there in cincinnati.. serial killer out there to k
Submitted by artsnfarts99 on December 2, 2008 - 11:44pm.
all you gays and dykes make me and most of this country is un natural and honestly sick.. does it really feel good to get a cock rammed in ur ass? that has to hurt. and if it wasnt because of gay men there would be no aids but u silly faggots had to ass fuck each other and then lick the shit of ur dicks u nasty mother fuckers. did you know the average life expectency for a gay man is 39 yrs old? and 67% of u gay men think that you are better than everyone else just because your gay well just so you know that u homos are a joke. i hate you all just like your fathers do. i promise when u came out to ur parents they wanted to commit suicide... as a matter of fact just go kill yourself and save this country the trouble because i killed 4 men so far just because they were gay. im not kidding. and the murders i committed are still unsolved and i can say this cuz u all cant prove it. and i plan on to continue to kill faggots until the day i die or get caught then when i go to prision i will kill the fags there to. jesus hates you. i hate you. your dad does too. go get aids and die u nasty butt pirates. elton john sucks!!!

Question: Do we report this as a threat or just a crazy ranting online?

More importantly, I'm not Elton John's biggest fan either, does that make me not a nasty butt pirate?

Sad, I kinda liked the moniker.

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Unknown said...

well there is IP Besides I like bending over loud mouth straight people and make them squeal like a pig, (que banjo music)......