Friday, March 6, 2009

COMMUNITY EVENT: What was the sin of sodomy?

Thanks be to Mother Chanak for all her infinite connectedness. I think, actually, Kevin Bleyle (of Integrity Cincinnati, the sponsoring organization) sent me this, too, but I have been in a strange state of affairs these last few days so I apologize.

Sunday 22 March, 3-6 p.m. at COS

What Was the Sin of Sodom?

While legal codes and anti-gay preachers have connected "sodomy" and "sodomites" with certain sexual behaviors, a close reading of the biblical texts about Sodom reveals that sexuality was not the concern of this judgment story. On the other hand, the recent drivennness of some sectors to punish LGBT persons is covering up the real issues which the story addresses, for which we should be morally concerned today. Presenter: The Rev. Paula M. Jackson, PhD

Church of Our Saviour is located at 65 East Hollister, Cincinnati, OH
Mother Paula Jackson, btw, is an amazing woman who has influenced this city for the better for a short generation. She promises to give great information, while being the caring, dignified, and respectful pastor that her reputation deems her to be.

If you have a free moment, it should be worth the trip down.


Michael Chanak Jr said...

It matters not, just so the word reaches

Indeed, the MP - my nick for Mother Paula is grand if not glorious.

I'm sure she will not disappointment. Besides, ya know - I got my start working those old MCC socials in the late 1970's....

Michael Chanak Jr said...

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