Friday, March 6, 2009

Guerilla Queer Bar!!!!

Come join us for the first ever Guerrilla Queer Bar -- queer people turning a heterosexual space into our space for a night. On the list tonight? The Lodge Bar downtown.

From their Facebook event:
We're going to start early to establish a presence before the rush. Congregate at the Lodge Bar around 10 PM. Buy drinks, have a good time, make friends.

(If you want to discretly identify yourself as a Guerrilla Queer Bar-er to your compatriots, wear green or introduce yourself with the code phrase, "A beautiful night tonight isn't it?" and if they reply, "Why yes indeed", you know they're one of us.

Or give their tush a squeeze and see if they squeeze back...)


Our mission with Guerrilla Queer Bar is layered -- mix up monotonous queer social scene, reach out to the greater Cincinnati straight community, and have fun. Let's make sure to be respectful bar patrons, tip well and show the Lodge Bar the best Friday night they've ever had.

Lodge Bar is located at 35 E. 7th Street, downtown. You know I'll be there tonight with my camera -- and, of course, you can totally squeeze my ass, children :-). My ass is, as always, open season.


GQB is actually a bit of a national movement, and the local activists are bringing to Cincinnati what's been going on in the rest of the country. It was even written up on Seriously, let's make this a fun night, y'all. I know I need a drink, or two... or three... or seven...

And you can buy them for me. :-)


CGQB provides:

Mention you're part of Guerrilla Queer Bar at the Lodge Bar door and wave the cover charge!

Fantastic AND Free!

gear up,


1 comment:

Quimbob said...

"waving" the cover charge makes for a funny mental image.
I have always wondered how bars got their theme (?).
That is how they get their clientele.
It seemed to me that when people were griping about the Phoenix not being this way or that, they could have just flooded the place, demanded their wants and crowded out the existing clientele.
That is, use the law of supply and demand instead of the police & the courts.....