Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ELECTION 2008: ENDORSEMENT: Vic Wulsin for OH-2

Second endorsement... is throwing its hat behind Dr. Victoria Wulsin for OH-2, even though I can't vote for her :-).

Why? Because she knows what the hell is up with our issues. Jean Schmidt has repeatedly proven that she has no idea what the world is about, and she's bad on a lot of the issues that we care about.

It would be easy for people to say "oh, you like her because she's a Dem and they told you to like her." Granted, that's true. And, granted, she's been marked as part of the DCCC's red-to-blue program, but let me get a little bit of information out there: before she became political, Wulsin was active in Cincinnati's HIV/AIDS prevention community. She used to sit on the Cincinnati Regional Advisory Group, a small meeting of local prevention providers (ranging from the insane 4CHARIS/SARA-IRP faithbased organization to STOP AIDS to the UC Early Intervention Program to Planned Parenthood). Also, granted, a lot of people who sat on that crew thought she was a little outspoken.

But, really, I'd rather have a loud, proud, in-charge woman who is outspoken on the right things than Jean Schmidt, who is a loud, proud idiot with nothing but her own selfish interests at heart.

I'm all for Vic. I've met her personally and I know she's good with us.

How many people can honestly say they know Jean Schmidt?

PS On the whole malariotherapy thing -- first off, she didn't do any experiments; her involvement seems to be limited to reviewing the information. Also, in a world where we have no way to cure HIV/AIDS, isn't it important that we at least look at the evidence? Malariotherapy was proven bunk, but so have a lot of things in the HIV/AIDS crisis -- are you going to hold everybody accountable just because something they looked into, either professionally or on the side, was proven wrong? Really.

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