Thursday, October 16, 2008

GAY STUFF: ELECTION 2008: Katherine Sozt, crazy by any other name...

In House District 18 of Colorado, there is a lady by the name of Katherine Szot.

There she is, from her... Facebook profile. Apparently, it is the only publically available picture of her on the whole interweb. There is absolutely nothing about her on (except that she's running), and the most biographical or issues position that can be found is on the Build-a-Sign website. In fact, there is no website for her campaign, and her email address is something absurd like "goldeneaglefreedom."

My friend DD is out there in Colorado and the Colorado Springs Pride Center put out, as part of their voter education project, a questionnaire. Now, I don't have a copy of the original questionnaire, but he put out this response from Ms. Sozt to their questions:

“From my biology classes in school, I learned that same-sex "couples” do not produce children. Children in these cases were produced outside of the “same-sex” relationships and have been into a life style that was not part of natural procreation. I have known children in these situations when teens had to face the reality of their upbringing, (sic) many were upset, some because
rebellious and other just endured until they could leave home.

I have lived next to, worked with, and talked with many "gay and lesbian” individuals. Many lesbians became tired of the abuse from the male population and decided to "partner” with another woman that had been abused and de-humanized as they have been. I have talked with men that were “male bashed” by woman and had their spirit broken and possible physically injured, so they gave up on having a heterosexual relationship, which is a choice made by them, which also prevents them from having children. I have also read the chemicals in the water supply have actually changed male fish into female, changing their brain chemicals and hormones. Is this the reason that some men become submissive and give up their “manhood”? I don’t know.

My whole concern with the “alternative” lifestyle is that true homosexuals can not reproduce; they have to recruit children to continue their group population, or go outside of a relationship to “produce” a child. It is no secret that disease in the homosexual community is very high and a by product of their life style.

Another question I have is if a same-sex couple is truly "homosexual” why does one of the partne rs seek to have a “sex change” when they can afford it? This expense alone is an elective surgery that has a high price tag and health risks.

I am not trying to belittle your organization, nor will I “candy coat” my responses. If a person hates themselves so much that they have to “change” their outer appearance or believe them selves (sic) to be something they are not, to feel better about them self (sic), they are sadly mistaken. An individual will never feel good about them self (sic) because of their outward appearance, look at all the movie stars, recording artists, models and very wealthy people that have died from over doses, anorexia, or other forms of suicide. A person must respect and love them self (sic) from within. If an individual has the confidence and personality to face the world for who they are then they will not drastic physical changes to be happy. When you have a healthy perspective of yourself, then, and only then can you have the maturity and emotional stability to love another person in a relationship that will be safe, nurturing and have mutual respect. This is true of any relationship, whether an adult intimate, friend or business associate.

Many adults have had bad experiences in their lives. Adults affect (sic) the lives of children, and the children have to try to cope with all the baggage placed in their lives by adults. Children learn hate from adults, (sic) children learn prejudice from adults, and above all children lean acceptance or rejection from adults.”

Uh-huh. I should, from now on, refer to myself as "gay." Quotations and all.

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Not Important said...

Wow. The stupid burns and the crazy rubs salt on the wound. Then the misspellings come along and kick you in the shins.