Friday, October 31, 2008

OHIO/CINNKY: Overheard

On the corner of Chickasaw and MacMillan... there are two black gals standing on the corner, one a trannie gal, the looked, well, homeless. Crowd of drunken college students in Halloween garb walk up and start squealing:
Drunken College Girl to black trannie gal: Oh my god, girl you look great!

Trannie Gal:
Excuse me?

Drunken College Girl:
You look great!

Trannie Gal: *
snaps fingers* Damn right, bitch, I always do!

Drunken College Girl:
What a great Halloween costume!!!

Homeless Gal:
Bitch, please, we always look like this. Halloween is for white people.

And I'm at work tonight... praise the goddess.

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