Wednesday, October 1, 2008

FAGWATCH: Is it appropriate... use another derogatory term to someone if they called you a faggot?

For example:

If a black person refers to me hatefully as a faggot, could I then turn and refer to him as a nigger? Or, if a lesbian calls me a faggot, could I shoot back and call her a dyke? Or, if a woman calls me a faggot, could I call her a cunt?

Just a thought, but would love to hear your responses....

(For all the postings under the listing of "FAGWATCH," just click here... I know, I don't do these enough. But, in truth, I don't get called a faggot that often. And thank goodness for that.)


Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Not sure if i would ever condone calling another person out of their name, but I can see your point.

Cincy Diva said...

I actually had this happen when I was 19. I was working in a T-shirt shop and a balck girl came in. As I was helping her, she got this sneer on her face and said
"Are you a fag?"
To which I replied "Are you a Nigger?"
She started to get indignant and said "No, I ain't no nigger"
And I said "Then I ain't no faggot"
We got along just fine after that.
I don't know that I would ever do it again tho.