Saturday, October 4, 2008

ELECTION 2008: What does CHANGE stand for?

Thanks to Pam's House Blend...
A Florida middle school teacher faced disciplinary action after using the word "nigger" to describe Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, WJHG's Kristy Wolski reported. 

the 7th grade teacher, Greg Howard, asked his students what "change" stood for in relation to the Obama campaign and proceeded to write out the acronym "come help a nigger get elected."

The school suspended Howard without pay for 10 days and removed him from his position at the school."That shouldn't happen," said Billy Delahunt, an Obama supporter. 

"Because they're there to learn, they're not there to discriminate."

Real clever guy. And this on the back of the drunken Hillary supporter...

I'm a drunken Hillary supporter, and I'm NEVER like that.

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