Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LGBT HISTORY: Overview of the Month and Official Website

Our first view of LGBT History month is the actual US website for GLBT History Month, sponsored by the Equality Forum.

Every day, they will be focusing on antoher pioneer in LGBT history. First up for today? Del Martin and Phyllis Lion, the founders of the Daughters of Bilitis, the original lesbian in the US. Del Martin died about a month and a half ago, and were the first to be married years ago when San Francisco began allowing same-sex marriage. They were also among the first to be married when California allowed it a few months ago. I couldn't imagine a more appropriate way to begin the month than honoring them.  

Here they are as young women:

That's from the above website.

The video above is just a general overview of who they are talking about, and the website allows you to see a video, biography, and news about each person. The only criticism I have, as the list is fairly well thought out and detailed in terms of issues the people represent (though I think there are more appropriate people who represent gay parenting than Rosie, but... anyways) is the final one... Michelangelo. Um. I think there are better (and more "out") examples of gay persons in history. But, that aside, it's fabulous.

I will also be blogrolling as we go along...

Update: I had to put the YouTube video in from the same organization as the one from their website wasn't working properly.

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