Thursday, February 26, 2009

1970s Masturbation Education Video

From local gay porn blogger, RandyXBoy (NSFW!), I just had to laugh when I saw this.

Thanks, Mom! :-) (not my mom)

I have a tag for "masturbation?"


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious.

1. That kid is like 15 isn't he...when does she plan on having a talk with him about sex, when he is 21?

2. She said she was sorry she invaded his privacy but did you notice how sneaky slow she turned the knob. You know she was trying to catch him doing something.

Not Important said...

He was holding true to the principles expressed on his door poster - Make Love, Not War.

Plus, I think he was "high" on the "mary-ju-onna" or the "ell ess dee". Did you hear how his mom's voice kept echoing in his head?