Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Plan

Jeffery and I have some hot hot hot plans for Valentine's Day, despite both of us being single these days.

First of all, we're going to this fabulous opening of Take the Cake (the newest fabulous restaurant and bakery at 4035 Northside thanks to James H-J). Doesn't this just sound delicious?
A REMINDER! Please mark your calendars to join us for our gala GRAND OPENING PARTY on Saturday, February 14th, from 6-10 PM. ALL ARE WELCOME!

You truly haven't lived until you've seen a bakery case rolling down Hamilton Avenue!

Come to the unveiling! Saturday night's menu is being planned - beef tenderloin and Vietnamese hoagies are just part of the feast. Work continues and is almost finished in the new space - new equipment is arriving, art is being hung, furniture is getting put in place, the sound system is installed, wifi is getting turned on, and we are getting more excited by the minute for our move to 4035 Hamilton Avenue in Northside! You haven't lived until you've seen a bakery case rolling down Hamilton Avenue!

We were already sweet, now we're sweet and more! Along with our wonderful sweets for which we've always been known, in the new cafe, our menu is expanding to include an array of savories. We'd love to see you for breakfast or lunch, or a cupcake and a cuppa joe!

And don't, of course, forget to join their facebook page.

And then we are going to go put in some "hard labor" to enjoy the theatrical stylings of New Stage Collective's Dead City, which was recently reviewed by the Enquirer as being amazing (though I can't find the review I just read yesterday).

Oh, and then, of course, drinkie-poos at Below Zero just around the corner. (Which, of course, you are allowed to join us at. Come get your picture taken with I only sign autographs for people who buy me a drink.)

You know, Valentine's Day may suck, but I am so looking forward to this year's! What are you doing?

Two things you may note from this post: 1) I have access again :-). 2) I don't have the access enough to check the responses to this week's QUESTION FOR FRIDAY. So, for now, you'll have to do without... until tonight, at least, when I get all tucked in for jammies Friday at casa de QueerCincinnati.

Oh, and in case you already haven't, please donate to me for the Heart Mini-Marathon and Walk. It's going to the American Heart Association, so the money's going to a good place, and I want to rock out my team (of which you'll notice I'm number 2 in my team in fundraising -- I want to be number 1, be-otches!!!!)


Anonymous said...

We're going to watch jousting and sword fighting at medieval times!!

i might sneak in the ceremony which gets me knighted.

Amy in Ohio said...

Happy V Day to you - miss you.