Thursday, February 19, 2009

Question for Friday!

This weeks Question:

How long after you meet someone is it appropriate before you sleep with them?

Answers posted on Friday!


Anonymous said...


Well I'm going to come off sort of slutish here and say if both parties want to right away have fun and do it!

Whats "appropriate" to some aren't "appropriate" to others but the thing is its not really any of the "others" business or right to say what is "appropriate"

So my answer is what feels best to both involved. It is a personal choice after all and no one should tell you how long you should wait or judge you if you don't wait long to their standards.

There is no set "appropriate" time. One of my greatest loves and I hoped in the sack an hour after meeting and didn;t get out of it for 3 days and he was the love of my life. And we were together much longer than alot of people who did the "mating ritual"

Jere Keys said...

When I was young, I had a two month rule. Then it became a one month rule, then there was no rule. These days, my answer depends on the type of relationship - if we're talking about a Craigslist connection, there's no waiting period. If we're talking about a potential LTR based on real life connection, I'm more likely to go slow and wait until the pressure builds to the point where we can barely keep our hands off each other.

Unknown said...

Before the nights out!
Or before the clock strikes 12....