Saturday, February 28, 2009

Question for Friday: Hot Stuff, Baby

I'm a little late, but here are the fabulous responses to this week's Question of the Week:

Who is the sexiest man alive (besides me, duh)?

You know this was just a chance for me to post more half-naked pictures of men. :-)

Hugh Jackman (via @geekjames)

"Me" (from both my brother and Will Reed)

I seriously debated posting pictures of both of them, but I thought I wouldn't be that cruel :-)

Steve Buscemi (from Adam S., via Facebook -- don't blame him, he's straight :-))

David Bowie (via Tim Y.)

Montel Williams (via Lia F. on Facebook)

Edward James Olmos (via Jason Z, on Facebook: "The guy's just so dynamic, driven, and he's a damn fine stage and small-screen actor.")

Will Smith (via Heather S., on Facebook: "his confidence and demeanor make him sexy")

Fabio from Top Chef (via Maureen J., on Facebook: "just because the season just ended last night...fabio from bravo's top chef is one SMOKING HOT dude. guys with accents don't usually do anything for me, but fabio's sure does!")

Collin Farrel (from Darren M., via Facebook)

Collin Farrel

David Beckham (also from Darren)

Danny Devito (from Andrew W., on Facebook)

Daniel Craig (from Wolfie, via the blog)

Tim Roth (also from Wolfie via the blog)

John Barrowman (also from Wolfie via the blog)

James Marsden (from JereKeys via the blog)

Darryl Stephens (also from JereKeys)

Darryl's on the right

Gerard Butler (from Eddie M. via the blog)

Jason Varitek (from Eddie M. via the blog -- see, told you he was the sporty one)

Dominic Purcell (from @Jddalton, via the blog)

Ryan Reynolds (also via @Jddalton and Vivica LaCroix, via the blog)

Marcus Patrick (from Vivica LaCroix, via the blog)

Ryan Gosling (from @1cincymom)

That's a lot of really wide-ranging guys, but boy did I have a lot of fun looking up pictures.

For me? My all time favorite... don't laugh:


He's still gorgeous, I don't care.


Anonymous said...

Wow, there are much better and much sexier photos of Jason Varitek that that!

Anonymous said...

i sooooo have a thing for vin diesel. i also have a thing for jake gyllenhaal and he's-legal-in-the-UK daniel radcliffe.

Anonymous said...

damn. time's moving by too quickly. he's legal in the US now too....

Jere Keys said...

BTW - Daryl is on the left. That's his Noah's Arc costar Jenson Atwood (also hot) on the right.