Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Jennifer Brunner

You know, I've seen a lot more active campaigning on the part of Jennifer Brunner (running for US Senate in Ohio for Voinovich's seat) than either Lee Fisher or Rob Portman -- or the host of other names that have been mentioned for the seat on either side. 

At least, from an internet standpoint. This is the second post of hers I've featured, from the Buckeye State Blog (now blogrolled, btw):
Leadership is not about saying "no"; it's about having the humility to listen, the creativity to see opportunities, and the persistence to enact solutions....

Now I find myself with a Democratic primary opponent. Lee Fisher and I don't agree on everything, but neither of us has any doubt that it would be a lousy idea to send Rob Portman back to Washington DC, where, as a Congressman, he voted for the Bush tax cuts and the Iraq war that are bankrupting our country and where, as George Bush's Budget Director, he watched billions of our taxpayer dollars disappear into the corruption on Wall Street.
It's pretty typical early-election news fodder, but I'm impressed with her being out there this early at all, despite a bit of a nasty scuffle she's having with ProgressOhio.*rolls eyes* She was also mentioned in a piece on Politico about the female candidates gearing up for 2010 runs -- including Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (yes, that Carnahan) in Missouri.

My newest goal in life: I want an interview with Jennifer Brunner. Can anyone make that happen? It's early enough in the news cycle that any major problems could be squashed ... like, say, if she came out for gay marriage.

Meanwhile, more anti-Bunning in Kentucky from the Republicans. Can you win the seat again without your party's support, I wonder? Oh, and State Senator Jon Husted has proposed a law that strips the Governor of the right to appoint people to US Senate vacancies... thank you, Rod Blagojevich and Roland Burris. Poor Sen. Burris, he was doomed from the beginning. I'm sure he's a nice man.

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