Saturday, February 14, 2009

How I feel about Valentine's Day

Thanks be to CraigsList...
Well, I'm just gonna come out and say it, I think we need to hook up. I've thought about it and this is really the best way to help the country.

I've always been a little counter-culture, and there is no better way to stick it to the man than having crazy, loud, sweaty, fun sex while secretly miserable couples shell out big money and wait in line to get into some restaurant to keep up the image they feel they need to.

We are, all of us, animals. Hot manimals and womanimals that suppress our needs and desires to fit the mold that our mind's image of a society expects us to fit.

We are our own people. We have things to do and don't need people to call us 'Honey' and 'Baby' and slow us down in life.

If we're attracted to each other, great. Otherwise, we can still hook up and make a cold room hot. We'll fuck like we're in a soundproof room that's going to explode if we don't pop our own eardrums with the coarse animal sound of cumming.

...and after that, who knows? Maybe we'll start to talk and be friends and maybe we'll fuck again. Maybe I'll eat you out while you smoke and eat ice cream. Maybe we'll fuck so hard that we lay on top of each other, half panting, half sobbing. We are in control, we make up the rules.

Dangerously smart, friendly, and built like an NFL Lineman. Pic for pics. Be nice and send yours when you reply. I'm free all day. Actually, I'm free all my life.

Don't be a pussy. Have one...and respond.
Note, this comes from the M4W. I like to troll those just to amuse myself at straight boys. And see them mostly naked. Still, it amused me.

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