Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Discrimination against the haters

Don't be a hater, apparently you will get discriminated against, as well.

"We're disappointed because Christian students and other students who do not approve of homosexual behavior (are not) second-class citizens simply because of their viewpoint," Oster said.
This is in reaction to the Supreme Court refusing to hear a whiney lawsuit where a Christian boy in rural Kentucky (actually, not that far from here -- Boyd County) said that allowing a GSA and non-discrimination policies for gays and lesbians was discriminatory against him.


In other news, apparently fundies in Australia think that gays and lesbians want children as trophies and North Carolina prepares for another bout with a DOMA (review: NC is the only state without a DOMA in the South). Oh, and even in a bluer state, it's okay to call homosexuality an abomination on the state legislative floor.

I mean, really, folks... so much hate for the religious. Why can't we just be a Christian nation to accomodate them?

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Michael Chanak Jr said...

Oh girl the Morman boys came to visit the Queen today. It was a lovely chat. These two spoke fluent Spanish they wished to connect with Hispanic families so Mother directed them to those addresses.

These two boys - in their black suits - had recently landed in the Nasti to do their church service work.

They asked me if I went to church - so politely, I laid out the entire program to them. You know talked about New Spirit MCC and the other gay friendly churches.

Of course, I didn't tell them I periodically attend pagan ceremonies....gasp.