Friday, May 15, 2009

(OH) EHEA Update

The Equal Housing and Employment Act (HB176) -- Ohio's bill to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression -- begins its tortuous path through state government. I got a heads up from Equality Ohio today that the bill had been referred to State Government subcommittee in the state House.

Currently, the bill has 27 co-sponsors, and, after yesterday's Lobby Day, it seems that we are hopeful for a wide passage and the possibility of more to sign on.

Chris Geidner over at Law Dork, 2.0, who also sits on one of the committees of Equality Ohio (which I did not know, btw, and does no dis-endear him too much to me; he seems like a reasonable guy), is pushing for an addition 6 co-sponsors, bringing the total to 33, or 1/3 of the entire House. He's entitling this 6-for-1/3 Challenge. In short: he's asking us, again, to contact our representatives and asking them to sign on as co-sponsors. Please note that only 2 HamCo representatives are cosponsors, at this point.

Have you, yet?

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Bentley said...

It looks like there are 3 Hamilton County sponsors: Yates, Mallory, and Driehaus. However, that leaves Pillich, Blessing, Mecklenberg, and Stautburg (sp?).