Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: Cody's Happiness REVEALED!

If any of you ever want to get into my heart, this is how to do it!

Things that make me happy (in order from greatest to least, so it's easier for you to go through the listand skip over things that you cant do for me...):

1.) SEX. Lots and lots of great sex... I am The Seeker after all...

2.) Cigarettes. I LOOOOOOVE my Camel Filters... Bad habit, but God damnit they're soooooom goooooood! I love them so much my best friend bought me a really cheap carton of them when she was on her chorus trip in Nashville (God love TN and they're cheap tabacco prices! Bible Belt is good for somehting!).

3.) Peanut Butter milkshakes (either my own, or from UDF). They are phenomenal and, after ingesting one, I want to explode because I drink soooooo much.

4.) Skyline cheese coneys, no mustard or onions please. And a Mountian Dew... Yes, if you're reading this and work at Skyline, this is my standard order 100% of the time. It does not deviate. Thank you for your cooperation. (Shout out to Cindi from the Ludlow Skyline who recently had a baby!!! We love you doll! (and your hot young manager with the black and dark-blue striped shirt)

5.) YouTube is my savior. I don't post videos as much as I'd like because my computer and YouTube uploading don't get along. But I always catch the 5awesomegays, 5sortastraightguys, thatgaybunch, and many more (like WhatTheBuckShow, MrEladdy (HOT), DavidsFarm, etc. and Danrambles and Mikiepg84 when they post...). I spend 90% of my time of YouTube...

6.) Beer. Bud Light more specifically (and most foreign dark beers too, to enjoy...). Shit's good and it fucks me up after 4 or 5...

7.) Mountain Dew. This stuff gets its own category! I drink so much of it it's like my blood!

8.) Bagel Bites and Pizza Rolls!!! My college career depends on these 2 foods. Legit...

9.) Road trips to Hamilton driving 90mph with *NSYNC blaring on the radio (what? I'm a '90s child!), Mountain Dew in the cup holder, a cigarette in hand... Then after the *NSYNC we'll play a little bit o' Big n Rich, Garth Brooks, Craig Morgan, and the Dixie Chicks (yes, I'm a hick... I even wear plaid...).

10.) CARS, TRUCKS, BUSES, BOATS, and everything in between!!!

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