Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guerrilla Queer Bar: Spreading the Love

Cincinnati's Guerrilla Queer Bar has announced its new location for this Friday, from their Facebook:

Did you go to the last Guerrilla Queer Bar? Did you love it? Do you want another chance to be around all those cute and fun queers? Or did you, by some horrible twist of fate, miss the last Guerrilla Queer Bar (*gasp*)?

Have no fear! GQB "Spreading the Love" is here!


Every THIRD FRIDAY, the folks that bring you GQB put on another raucous night of fun at an under-utilized QUEER bar in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.

"Why a queer bar? I thought GQB was about taking over straight bars", you might ask. "Spreading the Love" is about spreading our dollars and queer-love around the queer community while also getting a chance to know our fellow CGQB-ers a little more intimately. Don't worry, we'll still be exploring currently straight and narrow bars every first Friday of the month.

and the CGQB "Spreading the Love" event will be THIS FRIDAY at the....

(drum roll please...)

LITTLE BIT BAR -- 2401 Vine Street (near McMillian on Vine)

If you've never been to this bar, what GLORY you've been missing! No cover. Two for one domestics and well drinks before 10 pm. A beer WHEEL (think wheel of fortune) that gives you whatever beer you land on for $2 and a shot wheel that does the same but for $2.50.

**There will also be an extremely special, exciting, and sexy Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar game going on that you DO NOT want to miss.**

Get all your friends together, invite people to join the facebook group, and come out to the LITTLE BIT BAR on Friday night.
I'll probably check it out -- it is right down the street from my apartment.

I owe a lot of blog space to a lot of people right now, so I apologize to all those people. I promise it will be coming soon!!!!

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