Thursday, May 28, 2009

QUEER EVENTS: Brother Micah Meets the Gays / Bridging the Gap

Helloooooo everyone! Cody here with another UC events update!

Monday, June 1 will be a busy day for the gays...

First, at 12pm on McMicken Commons (behind the big, regal building w/ the steeple on Clifton Ave.) there will be a sit-in style protest of Brother Micah's evangelical "Christian" bigotry and hate. The crazy bastard comes to UC every year to preach and rant about all that is wrong in the world and how we're all going to hell for our myriads of reasons (how's being a non-Christian, gay guy who has sex outside of marriage and does not procreate sound for intersectionality?!). We don't like him; he doesn't like us... We're just planning on peacefully preotesting him without any physical engagement (no one wins and everyone gets sued that way).
*NOTE* This is technically tentative right now b/c Campus Scheduling must approve of a protest before it happens and they're jumping through hoops to let us do this already... Keep tabs on the Facebook group for more info as it developes...

Second, at 7:30pm in the Campus Rec Center Classroom 3220 there will be a "Bridging the Gap" program put on by UC's United Black Student Association. It is designed to foster dialogue, cooperation, and understanding between all of the many minority groups around. UBSA really wants a good LGBTQ presence (they're totally cool like that! They do lots of very inclusive events even though they're a "black" student group. It's pretty cool!) so you may want to come and be a part!
*NOTE* FREE B-Dubs chicken wings will be provided!!!

See ya'll out and about!

The Seeker

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