Friday, May 15, 2009

(SC) The Finger to State Rep. Delleney

A bill introduced to the South Carolina Legislature would require training school personnell and students about how to identify the signs of an abusive relationship after a 2007 state survey showed that almost 14% of students reported being "hit, slapped or physically hurt on purpose by their boyfriend or girlfriend” in the previous 12 months. Though generally popular, Rep. Greg Delleney (R-Chester) didn't like the bill for one reason:

[He] offered up an amendment on the House floor to require that only heterosexual relationships be discussed in the training.

"I don't want the Department of Education or school districts to teach children in grades sixth through twelfth about (same sex) relationships," said Delleney.
Read: absue is very bad in relationships, but only if you're straight. We can allow the gay kids to beat each other as much as they like... after all, it's not our job to teach about them. Just like, in Texas, it's ok if they get bullied and kill themselves. Saves the haters the trouble of forming a lynch mob.

Mr. Delleney, you get the finger today.

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