Thursday, January 22, 2009

Andy Dick Comes out as bisexual

You can keep this one, heterosexuals. Thanks.

Oh and a picture of him making out with a guy from here:

Apparently, though, it's no surprise.


Anonymous said...


Couldn't have been someone like doable like James Franco. Nooooooooooo it had to be Andy Dick!

Anonymous said...

Re: Ewwww


Well, James Dean was probably bi. Not that he's doable now, but does it make you feel any better at all?

J. Clarence said...

Andy Dick is bisexual. What! I don't believe you. Clearly that picture is photoshoped by the gay agenda trying to slander Andy Dick's good name.

...*back to reality*

You know what is funny? You can tell everyone suspected that the celeb was gay (or unpopular) when People Magazine does not bring out the now classic "I'm Gay" Cover.

I really hope all of these obvious outings eventually leads up to a really big one like Ricky Martin.

A gay man can dream.

Not Important said...

...and in other news, mathematicians announce that four quarters equal a dollar.