Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hillary Clinton's Confirmation Hearings

I. Still. Love. This. Woman.

I don't know what else to tell you except for that. Politico has an excellent piece on her confirmation hearings:
Hillary Clinton, ever the preparation junkie, is cramming for Tuesday’s confirmation hearing — intent on downplaying old disagreements with Barack Obama and parrying questions about her husband’s overseas entanglements, aides say.

Barring a bombshell revelation, all sides expect Clinton to be speedily confirmed as secretary of state. But her rendezvous with the Foreign Relations Committee at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday still offers its share of potential land mines.

Nobody’s fonder of huddling secretly with a close-knit, tight-lipped clutch of advisers than Hillary Clinton. And she’s been huddling plenty in recent days, gaming out defenses to possible attacks against her husband while synchronizing her policy positions with Obama to avoid embarrassing public disagreements on Iraq, Iran and Israel.

“If they hit her on any personal stuff or on the Bill s—t, she’ll hit the ball out of the park,” said a longtime adviser, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“She’s far more concerned with the substance,” the person said. “This is the re-emergence of the non-political Hillary. The most discomfort is where she and Obama disagree — the ‘you’re naive’ stuff. She can’t show up the president, she can’t appear like she’s trying to formulate her own foreign policy.”
BTW---> To all the naysayers who said they were "too soft" on her: silly people. Think about it. She is a Senator. Being interview by Senators. These are her coworkers from the last last 6 or so years. They know her, and they know what she thinks and believes. She isn't a quiet member of the Senate in the back of the room.

It's Hillary freakin' Clinton.

...who, no matter what, would be prepared, and we all know what the woman thinks and feels. Yea, the Clinton Foundation thing is a little ... well, it feels dirty at points.

But, as the above Politico article points out:

“She’s different. She’s a respected senator, and if they attack her, they will just appear mean and nasty… and they’ll appear as if they are undermining America’s diplomatic standing. And the Democrats are going to use soft, soft gloves.”
Oh, and she also just spent 17-months campaigning for President. Don't you think we are all patently aware of her qualifications?

Where were the Clinton Foundation questions then?

Get off the freakin' bandwagon -- FOXNews will keep us all updated on every minor hint of corruption that any Democrat engages in. Don't worry.

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Anonymous said...

i am going to have to agree with you. I have always liked her, but she, my friend, is no Obama.