Friday, January 30, 2009

Gay Penguins Married in China

Seriously? From the Sun:
A PAIR of GAY penguins are so loved-up they have been given a WEDDING service.

The besotted male birds turned out to be such a great parenting pair their keepers thought they deserved a reward and let them marry.

They were once given the cold shoulder at the wildlife park in China for stealing heterosexual couples' eggs to nest as their own.

But after being allowed to try out with eggs rejected by their mothers the couple have become the zoo's best penguin parents.

Now keepers at Polarland Zoo in Harbin, north east China, have rewarded their devotion with a wedding day.

One wore a tie and the other was dressed in a red blouse – a traditional Chinese bridal colour – as they stepped into their icy wedding room to the music of the Wedding March.

Keepers then served them their favourite dish for the occasion – spring fish.

"They have been a good couple and deserved their reward," said one keeper.

The lesson here: the better couples we are, as gay people, the more likely we are to get our "reward" -- i.e., marriage.

It sounds a lot like how black athletes/soldiers felt -- that they had to be better than everyone else several times over just to get the same recognition that "normal" people did. On the one hand, this story is cute and adorable. On the other hand, it makes me sick.

I really don't think China will be acknowledging gay marriage for, you know, humans anytime soon.

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