Monday, January 26, 2009

Why Northside? (Blog Carnival Response)

I think most of the local queer bloggers have been invited... I know there are a couple that are still left out, but I think I'll be hitting them up on Facebook here very shortly.

I went ahead and posted my response to February's question on Rainbow Cincinnati, since I haven't blogged over there in a while. This is, as always, your preview:
It's so easy to trash something. It's so much easier to be a critic than a cheerleader, yea? Our very nature as gay men makes us prone to catty bitchiness and cold hearted back stabbing. We are gold medalists in the fine sport of destroying everything and everyone around us. It's what we do best. And I'm no exception.

In that vein, I love Northside. I tried to rewrite this blog about 100 times, each time criticizing and generally being myself. It appears, though, that it's not always as easy to complain as it is to speak well of something.

I'm not from Cincinnati. If you ask me what high school I went to, I say "Wando." I have, on more than one occasion, heard the response, "What, is that like in Indiana, or something?" I find it funny that 99% of this city, especially this queer city, can't imagine that there is a world outside of the greater Cincinnati metro. It plays a little into the mindset, I think, of us hating so easily on institutions like the great and mythical gay neighborhood of Northside.
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Make sure you check out all the other excellent content over yonder -- including Darren McCullough's fantastic blog (who also needs to be contacted... good reminder, thanks Barry).

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Anonymous said...

Still, to this day, I walk down the Hsmilton avenue with my current beau, hand in hand, and feel like belong. You said it all, Northside is OUR territory.


Lady Liberty said...

Yeah right. I don't see the gays backing each other so much. The talk is there yet THE WALK is absent. Northside gets touted as such an all inclusive place, but it sure was NOT for me. I was tormented, screwed over, physically attacked and wrongly arrested, yet the COMMUNITY took very little notice. I eventually lost my home in NORTHSIDE. *poof* Like dust in the memories of the "folks" who declare this neighborhood is so grand. It's so sad that people find more time to talk about each other than talk TO each other.

no UNITY in the 'COMMUNITY' just a whole lotta CUM.

terisa.masu said...

this is bunk- self-reported? 5 times more bi-sexual? more healthy than “normal people?”