Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gubernatorial Candidate, 2010

And so we have a GOP gubernatorial candidate for 2010

Meet John Kasich, who says "There is a very good chance I am running for Governor":

Former Ohio State Senator, former US Congressperson, former Chair of the House Budget Committee, and current Honorary Chairperson of RECHARGE OHIO, this one comes with a whole list of fun things to deal with. Well, not a long list but let's cover two:
1) He voted for a DC ban on gays and other unmarried persons from adopting -- which very closely failed in the House, with 213 voting for it in 1999.

2) Meanwhile, he may be gay himself. See, he's a bachelor, and he lived with his male chief-of-staff. Some people call it baiting, we call it hypocrisy. (Even if he is heterosexual, btw, it's still hypocrisy for the freaking GOP a conservative to call gay-baiting a bad thing... they are the architects of the Federal Marriage Amendment.)

3) He voted for the 1996 Federal DOMA.
Nope. Don't like him. Move on. Even if he does turn out to be gay, he's a hypocrite.

Go away, Rep. Kasich.

On the brightside, I totally just learned how to do strikethrough on HTML. That's exciting. Almost as exciting as learning to do a screen shot. And we all know how much I loved those. 

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Anonymous said...

That's more than mildly terrifying. Campaign should be entertaining... in that depressing, why is this happening type of way.