Sunday, January 25, 2009

CinNKY Queer Bloggers Carnival? and I have an ongoing debate about everything in the world. Apparently, he and I are BFF's these days (sorry, Jere... you might have to go and make nice with my new friend :-)). Well, he and I go back and forth a little bit, responding to each other's posts. And I was thinking...

...wouldn't it neat to do, like, a monthly Queer Bloggers Carnival?

A carnival is not a meet-up (or a tweet-up), it's the opportunity for several bloggers to write their reactions to a single topic. I'm putting a call to my dear Queer Bloggers out there -- Juliet and Juliette, Jere, Edro Edro, Jay @ BigLugLand, the SkeptikOne, etc. etc. etc. -- I think Back2Stonewall even gave us our first topic, we'll call it "for February." That is, the next one will come up at the end of February:

Why Northside? Is Northside our "gay ghetto?"

I'll post mine tonight. No rules, just let us know that you posted so that we can all play nice.

And it has a great set of initials -- "oh yea, I'm doing the QBC, man." It's like a shopping network, but gayer.

I also totally noticed that this is my 113th post for the month of January. I swear it doesn't feel like it... I remember hitting the 100 mark in October of last year and thinking, "goddamn that was a lot." This feels... normal. Like I actually wasn't blogging as much. I'm sure my readers disagree, because all of you nice people get to backread. So, thanks for sticking around. I do appreciate it. I've been told that the best way to attract traffic is to post quality work at a high quantity. And, considering most of my posts are getting commented on -- rather than the random one or two comments amidst 100s of blogs... thanks guys :-). I appreciate your engagement.

Remember, if you life it, you shoulda put a ring on it. (Get it... engagement, ring... ha! Oh, Beyonce.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am all over this. I will be posting a response sometime this week.

Maureen said...

Throw out the welcome mat...and they will come.

I'm not implying that other local neighborhoods - i.e., Clifton, Hyde Park/Oakley, etc. - are necessarily anti-gay, I just think Northside has more of a welcoming aura about it.

When the sense of established community is created, people will gravitate...and stay.

I think this applies not only for sexual orientation, but for as race as well, i.e., the proverbial "Little..." neighborhoods of the world... "Little India," "Chinatown," "Little Russia," etc.

Jere Keys said...

Okay, my response is up:

Anonymous said...

Waaaah He was mean to me!

Jere Keys said...

Well, you stole my blogging BFF.

Barry Floore said...

Seriously, this conversation made me LOL. Like, really.

I feel like the prettiest girl at the party. Oh, you men.

Do you know, I probably should have written my response first. Jeez. This is a hard topic. Well, not hard, but I'm trying to take on too much. Blah. I'll leave it and then come back to it.

Anonymous said...

Actually I updated my post because I felt that some might take it personally.