Friday, January 23, 2009

The Finger on No-Smoking Policies

Christ Hospital has a disgusting smoking policy -- no smoking on the grounds. I get it. All the hospitals are doing it, and there is a shortage of fresh air in the world so it is necessary to make sure smokers don't take up the last of it.

But today we get an email from the medical director of my program saying that the church, which is just off property, is off limits... that they had received complaints about students smoking off property in front of the church. They reinforced that anyone caught smoking "on grounds" (mind you the security guards have said in the past that "Christ doesn't own this church" -- ha!) would have Christ Hospital (not Christ College) disciplinary action taken against them.

Um, I think your arguments about the health of patients would be a little more believable if there wasn't a Wendy's right in front of your doors.

Sorry. You fail. And, for that:

I mean, I know how much fun it is to pick on smokers these days -- we are, after all, single handedly degrading the health care system, destroying the environment, and generally contributing to the overal moral decay of the country -- but don't you think it's funny that we can so easily pick on us...

...when you, at the same time, write about the parking issues on campus without mention of how great it would be if more people walked/took the bus?

...when you have a fast food restaurant in your building that "offers more healthy options than any other fast food restaurant?"

...when you have coke machines on every corner?

...when you don't even have an appropriate gym for people who work/go to school here to access?

...when you don't offer employee assistance for quitting smoking?

I just think its funny that we harp on and on and on about the public health concerns that are caused by smokers, whereas we seem to have no problems with the public health concerns caused by any other vice.

Oh, and to the naysayers who say "you're affecting my health too," all right, I'll give you that. But what's wrong with a designated, a little off the beaten path smoking section? Trust me, the environmental toxins caused by the very busy Auburn Avenue in front of the hospital are 10X worse than any thing my little smoke will do.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, and I'm a non-smoker. You're frigging outside for crying out loud. The air's already polluted, a cigarette isn't gonna make it worse.