Friday, January 16, 2009


A question for this Friday, inspired by a lot of talk on the interweb about the issue (like this article here)

Should we be targeting the pro-Prop 8 donors by sending letters/emails/phone calls/etc.? Is this the right way to do things? And, if you think it is, how do you do it without it coming off as hateful?
I think it's an important question. Pro-Prop 8'ers are trying to change the law, now, so that their donations are sealed (won't happen). But we've gone so far as to publish their addresses in a convenient map form (found here, thanks to 5chw4r7z).

In a related thought, I'm glad this issue hasn't died yet.

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Wonder Man said...

Well AFA ask folks to boycott companies. And there was a group with the 'Yes' campaign that did the exact same thing to gay supporters. We should do it, but keep it classy