Friday, January 30, 2009

Rally in Columbus Location Moved


From Impact Cincinnati:
Due to an unbelievable amount of ice at the statehouse location, the state will not permit a rally on the premises we had previously secured. But we won't let that stop us from rallying for equality with pro-equality Ohioans from across the state!

Saturday's rally for equality has been relocated to Stonewall Columbus (1160 N High St), conveniently located just a few minutes from the statehouse. Although we will not be at the state house, this doesn't change the significant impact we ALL will make tomorrow as we gather in support of equality.

Put it in your facebook status, e-mail and call your friends. Together, we can spread the word statewide in just a matter of hours.

See everyone tomorrow!!
This is the same protest that was going to happen tomorrow at the statehouse , that I've mentioned before (and was originally scheduled two weeks ago, but had to be canceled due to weather). Unfortunately, IMPACTCincinnati received a phone call yesterday saying that the state house grounds were a sheet of ice 3 inches thick and, due to budget cuts, they couldn't clear it. So it is being moved.

Cameron Tolle, lead organizer, has described this as "the little rally that could," and has sworn he will never organize an outside event in January again. He promises. :-)

Usually, mind you, I would criticize the organization for their bad organizing and their lack of planning for all this... but I have been part and parcel of this process, and I have to say this: they have worked their asses off to make this happen. I am not, and neither should they, be embarassed for the changes. They are doing their absolute damnedest to make sure the state hears us.

Make it to Stonewall Columbus tomorrow, Saturday, at 1:30pm to rally for equality!!!

(I will not be there :-(, I have to work unfortunately, BUT... watch my twitter feed, which will be posted again tomorrow, as we have it set up that the organizers will be sending pictures to Twitter as the protest happens tomorrow -- the feed will be moved to the top right of this blog for the entire day tomrow so you can click to see the rally as it happens)

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