Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bishop Gene Robinson to deliver invocation

It appears that the Rick Warren debacle has yielded one exciting result: openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson has been invited to deliver and invocation at the Lincoln Memorial for the inauguration of Pres-elect Obama. (That will be on Sunday before the inauguration to kick off the week of events, not the actually day itself.)

See, kids, you whine enough and something good does happen.

Although, it's funny to see how the other side is swinging this:
Barack Obama took a lot of heat for his selection of Rev. Rick Warren to say the invocation at his inauguration. Warren is of couse loathed (yes, maybe even Hated) by Gay Rights groups for his strong support of the gay marriage ban in California.

So what is his response? He tags a gay bishop by the name of Gene Robinson to say prayer on this special day. It is no secret that I am opposed to gay marriage and fine with any person that decides that they WANT to be gay (and yes, I mean WANT to be GAY), however this decision is poor and may be a prelude to his actions in the future...

Gene Robinson has more problems than just being gay. In fact, he has the pleasure of splitting an entire fact of the Episcopal Church. He also was married, had two kids, and later divorced because of his homosexuality. He would later be accused of impropriety. These allegations would later prove to have little merit if any at all, however in 2006 he entered rehab for alcohol abuse...

Here is my biggest problem with him. He has decided that he will not read from the Bible because "not everyone believes that way." Interesting, because not everyone believe you should be gay, you do it anyway because that is what you believe in. As a bishop, it seems to me that he abandons his "sacred" beliefs in the Bible for the same reason he has fought to be gay. It looks as if he has a double-standard on his own beliefs.
That's from Jordan B. Huff over at Election Junkie, who was an interesting right-winger to read during the election. Now he's just boring me.

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