Saturday, February 7, 2009

Contemporary Arts Center Amazing Party

I went to the most amazing party at the Contemporary Arts Center tonight, celebrating the touring exhibit of Tara Donovon. It was well-run, interesting, packed with people, and fabulous.

The next one, I here, is February 27th... and, get this, it's free to get in. Drinks were a little expensive though -- $6 for a rum and coke is always too steep -- but that's what you can expect from a private cash bar.

Went with Montgomery Maxton, and met some fabulous gay men I had never seen before. Highly recommend the next one, which will be sponsored by CityBeat and catered by Palomino's.

Got home, now watching HOUSE on ... making spaghetti ... drinking Newcastle. Fabulous Friday night. I'm so cool.


Montgomery Maxton said...

That's a great shot. Thanks for going with me. Had a blast. See you 2/27, if not earlier.

Anonymous said...

i find it amusing you seem to becoming a beer drinker.

and you misspelled'hear' in your opening lines.