Monday, February 2, 2009

Media Coverage of the Equality Rally from Saturday

Picture courtesy of Renecito

Regarding the much moved but ultimately fabulous protest that happened this past weekend, organized by Impact Cincinnati, Join The Impact, and Equality Ohio...

I've only been able to find one news source so far that covered it, from The Lantern (OSU's Paper):
"Honk for Equality" signs plastered the corner of Fourth Avenue and High Street on Saturday as hundreds of people stood in the cold to rally for gay rights. The rally was organized by Join The Impact and Equality Ohio, advocacy groups for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

Kim Welter, the Program Coordinator for Education and Outreach at Equality Ohio, said the purpose of the rally stretches beyond the issue of gay marriage.

"Although our national discussion is centered around marriage equality, people in Ohio are more concerned about keeping their jobs and their homes, about being able to see their loved ones in the hospital, being able to provide for their loved ones, being able to take time off to care for a sick partner, or bereavement time when a partner dies," she said.

Cameron Tolle of Join the Impact also spoke of the need to protect LGBT rights. "We are here to let people know that we deserve protection. Our love is equal, and we need to stand up for that," he said...

Like Huff, Penrod isn't going to wait for America to come around. He said, "Today, we can create change. We have a new president and a new tone."
Great work, guys and gals -- we are tremendously proud!!!!

Has anyone else seen any other news sources on the event?


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