Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In light of all the controversy this week, and out of an interest for me to better learn about an issue that perhaps I don't know all that much about (it seems), it's time to post this week's question:

What's wrong with the word "tranny?"

As always, all responses will be posted in toto, unedited, and I'll give my thoughts on Friday. 

More importantly, I may be seeking a guest blogger response (or two).

So we'll see how this goes, yea?

I'm already wondering if this was a good idea, but we'll see where it goes, yah?


Jere Keys said...

There is nothing inherently wrong with the word. Just as there is nothing inherently wrong with the words "nigger" "faggot" "cunt" "kike" "jap" "wetback" or "retard."

Members of the groups for whom these words are directed, however, associate them with oppression (sometimes even violence) and hate. Because of the negative associations, people to whom these words are directed have asked that those of us who do not belong to the group stop using them. Our willingness to consider the feelings of those oppressed groups ultimately says more about us than anything else.

"But when I say @$%&#!, I don't mean it offensively, everyone knows that!" No. They don't. All they know is that you don't appear to be terribly educated on the history of oppression and abuse from people who use that word with genuine hate in their heart.

It doesn't hurt me to remove words like "tranny" and "retard" and "nigger" from my language. I'm not harmed in any way. I don't understand why common courtesy and empathy result in so many anguished cries of "Aarrgh, you're limiting my free speech!! Stop being so sensitive!! Damned political correctness is killing me!! It's kiiiiillllllliiiiinnnnnngggggg mmmmeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Michael Chanak Jr said...

I have a gay nephew, Aaron - he calls me Aunt Tranny, and my sis, his Mom - Tran. Have we done something wrong?

F6's Editor said...

My frustration comes into play when you have 20 descriptors for five groups of people, depending on what stage, identity, social role, etc. they are in at the moment. There is no one consistent that even applies to one individual member of the TransGendered and or InterSexed Community.

This is why the press and even OUR COMMUNITY's entertainment "elite (such as Johnny McGovern & Co.)" still refer to them as "a hot trannie mess". The Bible just called them all Eunuchs when translated into English.

There is no one label that applies even tranny is a misnomer when you are dealing with straight bois wearing dresses as a prank or to show support for their gay friends, (like being a "bridesmaid" in a gay wedding, and yes we wore dresses) in that case cross dresser doesnt even apply, nor should it.

As someone who prides himself in being crass or lewd in my commentary, and at the same time socially and politically astute, I freely use the word fag, queer, and tranny at will, because sometimes this boi just aint happy or gay about something. But that is because I am a ghetto redneck queen with some pretty large balls so my testosterone levels are still up there with the jocks and frat bois ...having a moment....

This is an issue that will not be settled overnight or without a lot of heartache either way but it is a conversation that OUR COMMUNITY needs to keep having across the board not just on the T/I issues but also race and relationships etc.

Jeffery said...

Before this week I never gave much thought to the word “tranny.” I know I am showing my small town ignorance, but the images I had to go on were poorly put together drag queens, guys putting on a dress for Halloween, or Dr. Frank-N-Furter. I just didn’t associate the word with the trans-community. I even looked up the word tranny on the web to see what definition was out there. If you Google the word you get a big list of porn sites. The word isn’t even listed any on dictionary.com. Webster listed the word with the definition “an assembly of parts including the speed-changing gears.” I know for a fact that isn’t the topic at hand.

This week I have had the opportunity to read post from trans-bloggers and watch youtube videos on the topic. From what little I’ve gathered even the trans-community isn’t agreed on if the word is wrong or not. Hell, I don’t even know if, as a gay man, is it alright to use the phrase “trans.” I believe as several other posters have stated it is a matter of context. Any time a word such as tranny or faggot is used in a hateful manner it’s just wrong. But even when used with love or in a joking manner those words have a slimy feel to them. Of course, this doesn’t mean I won’t ever use those words again just that I may put a little forethought into it.

Anonymous said...

As an independent entity outside the moral community in this instance, that is to say I have no value in matters pertaining to LGBT issues, perhaps my musings are not worthy of print. However, I find myself inexplicably drawn to the plight of others and the question at hand poses an interesting view of the status quo.

No one has ever called me a tranny. The single most offensive word anyone could call me would be "amateur". My blood pressure would rise, my eyes would fill with rage, and I would most certainly lash out with ill will. I would feel personally attacked. The fundamental of personal defense that I prescribe to reads "He who attacks others without cause deserves no consideration."

If words like "tranny", "fag", "queer", "homo", or "fruit" elicit such a response in a person, then question is no longer "what is wrong with the word tranny?", but rather, "what is wrong with the person from which the word originates?" The words are merely the vehicle of the speaker's intent. The speaker has initiated a personal attack with the aim to degrade the target. The target is now a victim.

To dismiss the intrinsic worth of a person is blatantly unethical, but maybe I'm going overboard. However, the status quo seems to dictate that lesbians are chic, but that men who dress in female clothing are somehow doing something wrong? Assaulting American values?

Gents, do what you want to do. You are still men, and how you dress should not be read as an invitation to deprive you of your dignity or your right to pursue your interests. You have done nothing wrong, you are equal to all other men.

BrentBillock said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with referring to your car's transmission by it's shortened and endearing nickname.

It will also earn you the respect of your mechanic, as he'll think you are comfortable with the inner workings of the drivetrain and he'll be less likely to attempt to overcharge you.