Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rectal Chlamydia!!!!

We just learned about gonoccocal urethritis in class and four things struck me: in our discussion of STDs and nursing care, we barely talked about HIV; we only talked about urethral and vaginal infections; the med class fluroquinolones (typical treatment for gonorrhea) is contraindicated in men who have sex with men with gonorrhea due to risk of resistance; and my standards are really low if I think the Christian rapper at school is hot with his awful skin.

Anyways... (via LifeLube, via AIDSMap)
Gay men should have rectal tests for chlamydia as part of their routine sexual health care, investigators recommend in an article published in the online edition of Sexually Transmitted Infections. Researchers found that more gay men had rectal infection with chlamydia than had urethral chlamydia or rectal gonorrhoea. Furthermore, the majority of rectal chlamydia infections were asymptomatic and would therefore have been missed without routine testing.

They also found that over a third of the men with rectal chlamydia were HIV-positive.
Right. So, I told you that.

What I should also tell gay men is this: you should probably have an anal pap smear done to check for carcinogenic growths related to anal HPV, and you should probably encourage the FDA to start testing the HPV vaccine on men against the above mentioned disease.

YEA! STDs!!! Aren't they fun?


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