Thursday, May 7, 2009

When will Obama say anything?

U.S. President Barack Obama, taking an apparently cautious approach, is reported under mounting pressure to act on gay issues, associates and observers say.

There is a flood of gay and lesbian issues facing the president amid what The New York Times calls "a dizzying pace of social, political, legal and legislative change."

The wide range of concerns vary from same-sex marriage to hate crimes to more financing to combat AIDS to a possible gay person for the Supreme Court to succeed the retiring Justice David Souter.
I think we're all kind of asking the same question: will he say anything? Now, to his credit, he has put several LGBT individuals into high-ranking positions within the White House staff, and he did push for the passage of the Matthew Shepard Act...

...but he has been content with pushing DADT back (there has even been a soldier who came out on the Rachel Maddow show to bring national attention to it -- he was later fired from the military) via Robert Gates, has not made comments on any of the marriage issues, and then there was that whole hubbub over his website.

However, given the option between the first hundred days of Clinton's Presidency (which ushered in DADT), Clinton's Presidency (DOMA), or the entire Bush administration (FMA)... I think I'll still stick with Obama.

At least he admits we exist and thinks something should be done... just not sure what yet, apparently.


Anonymous said...

SHouldn't we expect more from the Democrats? They are in control now and can push through changes. DOn't you think they got more support from the GLTB community?

Tamia said...

I understand not wanting to alienate a fairly large portion of the population by pushing a so-called "liberal" agenda (though since when is equal rights considered liberal?), but the marriage issue needs to be addressed stat, IMO.