Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: A bust for my personal life, a boom for my blogging life

2008 was the year that was made. There's been a lot going on on this blog this year, but I'll say this: other than the rapid expansion of my blog from virtual unknown to being the biggest non-hookup or chat gay site in the city and getting 300+ hits a day... I would say the rest of my life was a complete and utter clusterfuck. But because JereKeys has been so wonderful to give us a review of his stats, let's look at a little bit of ours on this, the last day of the shitshow known as 2008...

Total Blog Posts 2008: 817 (before this one)
Total Blog Posts 2007: 40 (increase of approximately 2,000.5%)

Biggest Blogging Month 2008: October, with 100
Biggest Blogging Month 2007: September, with 15 (an increase of approximately 750%)

Biggest Confirmed Total Hits: December 14, 2008 -- 1,148

Biggest Month (after sitemeter installed in July): August, with 11,498 hits
December may beat it, as it's only about 390 hits behind

Total Confirmed Hits (after sitemeter installed in July): 46,217

Average Daily Hits: 398
I'm not even going to break down what the most popular posts were. I'll give you a clue: they have to do with half-naked men. Oh. It's Wednesday, today, isn't it?

Most Popular Labels (total):
Election 2008 -- 148 posts
Gay Stuff -- 145 posts
Cincy Gay Scene -- 97 posts
Blogging -- 96 posts
General Stuff -- 95 posts
Ohio/CinNKy -- 88 posts
Barack Obama -- 75 posts
HIV/AIDS -- 54 posts
Hilary Clinton -- 45 posts
John McCain -- 44 posts
Pop Culture -- 36 posts

...those are the only ones over 20, believe it or not... even Sarah Palin didn't make the list, nor did our current President. Shocking, actually.

I look forward to the recap numbers next year, seeing as how we'll have a full year of sitemeter numbers to base it off of! Yea!!!


It's funny to glance back at the 40 posts from 2007. They are kind of lame, and I think they definitely show a blogger in need of a voice. Or, rather, just something to do. I picked the blog up and put it back down so many times that it really was Super Tuesday that made me the prolific blogger than I am, today.

I just wanted to make it seem like my opinion mattered, so I started randomly posting my thoughts on the election.

And, well, we see where that got us.


Though my personal life crumbled and things went from decidedly bad to god-awful this year, I'm glad to still be around and to have at least this much completed for the year.

Though I still feel like a total nerd whenever I say to people You know, I'm a bit of a blogger...

Coming up in the next day or so: blogging resolutions for 2009. What are my fellow Cincinnati Bloggers resolutions for their sites in the coming year???


EMullins said...

Congrats on the growth. We're all very thankful. =)

Anonymous said...

Yes Congrats. How do you check your blog to see how many hits you recieve? I'm just curious (no pun intened) because I have a blog on google and would like to check my hits (again no pun intended)
Citizens Against Joe Deters

Barry Floore said...

There's a widget called SITEMETER... you'll see it on the right... that you can install and tracks everything.