Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cincinnati's Domestic Partner Registry

In response to Cleveland's passage of a domestic partner registry, I ask you two questions:
1) What would it take to pass the same thing here?

2) Does it matter anyways? Is it worth it, in other words?
A domestic partner registry, btw, is nothing but municipal acknowledgment of a DP situation, which makes it easier for people who CAN access DP benefits to do the same. Almost no rights are bestowed. 

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Someone said...

Is there one member of council more than others who has the support of the Cincinnati gay community, so to speak? If so, has anyone sent that person a public letter asking these questions? Maybe you should, post the letter, and then the response (or lack thereof). BCC your letters to area reporters and bloggers.

It's election year. Can you get someone to lose more support for not pursuing this than they can gain for opposing it?