Saturday, December 20, 2008

See, I'm not the only one...

...who doesn't care about Rick Warren, from the LA Times via Joe.My.God. commentator:
Finally, Warren is among a group of younger evangelicals who, without renouncing traditional views about abortion and sexuality, have expanded their mission to include environmental stewardship and efforts to eradicate poverty and AIDS. It's because of such views that Obama can credibly include him in his effort to bring Americans together despite differences about social issues.

These explanations won't salve the hurt felt by gays and lesbians over Warren's prominent role in the inauguration, even if (as is likely) the prayer he offers is unobjectionable. But those who oppose Obama's choice must be careful not to exaggerate its importance.
See. Get over it.

PS To those who say this is like inviting a member of the KKK to preach. You're wrong and engaging in hyperbole... and you know it. There's a pretty clear line between "hate-mongering violent white power advocate" and "prominent evangelical preacher." Now stop spewing vitriole (I like that word today); Rick Warren, to my knowledge, has incited no violence against LGBT people.


Michael said...

I hope you're not referring to me with your KKK comment, because you'd be totally misrepresenting what I said.

Rick Warren believes that straight people are superior to gay people. He believe that gay people are not deserving of equal rights. He believe gay people are second class (at best) citizens. He believes in marginalizing gay people.

Again, I agree that this is not the most important issue. My argument is that it's not inconsequential. I respect your opinion that you are fine with Rick Warren's place in this inauguration. I was only trying to explain why I disagree. If this is not the place for that type of discussion, I apologize.

Barry Floore said...

Oh no. I got hate mail today :-). Not from you, darling. Equating Warren with the KKK ... equating me with a race traitor ... etc. etc. etc.

Barry Floore said...

I'm just being passive aggressive because I'm sleepy :-).