Monday, December 15, 2008

RIP, Another Dead Queer, Jose Sucuzhanay

Via the NY Times...
Early Sunday, less than a mile from where Mr. Sucuzhanay worked, he and his brother Romel were set upon by men the police said they believed were strangers.

The brothers were walking home from a bar, arms around each other, the police said. At the corner of Bushwick Avenue and Kossuth Place, three men riding in what a witness described as a maroon or red sport utility vehicle spied the brothers and shouted anti-gay and anti-Hispanic slurs.One of the men hit Jose over the head with a bottle, and the driver of the car swung an aluminum baseball bat at his head, the police said. He fell to the floor as the three attackers, who were black, continued kicking and punching him, the police said. The beating ended only when Romel held up his cellphone and said he was calling the police.

The N. Y. Times story does not cover the queer angle, but Joe.My.God. does. . . Mr. Sucuzhanay was murdered because they thought he was gay.

Real classy, assholes.

Now can we start talking about race and sexuality issues? Please?

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Ms. Rho said...

Yeah, and god forbid we enact hate crime legislation, because it's "difficult to prove intent."

I think the guys who did this were pretty obvious with their intent. Bastards.