Saturday, December 20, 2008

A clarification on Mr. Warren

Rick Warren is a bad man who will stop at nothing to refuse us our rights.

And his support of Prop8 is detestable... his statement that pedophilia and homosexuality are somehow one and the same is gross, and he should apologize for it.

But let's get back to my point...

...Rick Warren doesn't matter.

And, I think, this is my last post on the matter. Comments? Thanks to all who have. I do welcome hate mail -- -- and I welcome comments, of course :-).

I just always reserve the right to be a bitch.

Because I can.


Jere Keys said...

You know, you keep saying that Rick Warren doesn't matter, but you've devoted 4 posts to the topic. On an intellectual and completely rational level, I sorta agree with you, but it's hard to ignore the reality that so many people are so very upset. Maybe it's a case of elevated expectations of our President-elect, maybe it's a case of over-reaction, maybe it's a hyper-sensitivity in reaction to the Prop 8 setback, and maybe it's because you're not a Californian and don't understand Warren's history with the community. It doesn't really matter, there is clearly a hurt going on that will take some time to mend.

Barry Floore said...

Darling, I post posts on everything. And people were engaged, so I felt the need to keep posting.

I am a lot of things, "concise" is not one of them :-).

...and, besides, posting four posts is actually not so bad for my blog. LOL Be glad it was only four posts. :-) Especially since the world of gay blogs is ending because of this so-called controversy.

Barry Floore said...

And do not misunderstand me, and do not believe, for a moment, that I do not understand that people are upset. My point remains that he does not matter and if you want to get angry, there are lots of things you can do.