Monday, December 29, 2008

BLOGGING: An Update from Cody

Well hello yet again everyone!

I really am terribly sorry about the HUGE gap between my last vlog and now...
Working retail during the holidays is hell (as other local vlogger Mikiepg84 can attest to) and I've had no time off other than Christmas day!
In any case, I was, in fact, able to record a vlog on Boxing Day, and I subsequently filmed another video of me playing snooker on my billiard table... My HP Quickplay program likes to link the 2 vids together and make them one piece, so it won't upload to YouTube since it's over the 10 minute limit...
Alas, I am going to meet up with a computer geek friend of mine (who's webiste I will also be writing for soon; *shameless plug*) on Friday so he can teach me how to get the little fucker to cooperate for me! Oh joy!

I'd also like to give a big ole' warm welcome to my favorite drag queen on Earth, Penny Tration!!! I'm thrilled to have you on board doll, and I can't wait 'till I actually get to meet you in person (I allude to this welcome in my vid too BTW).

So until I get that damn vlog uploaded properly, I shall bid ya'll adieu!

"Don't wanna be stuck off in this cool cool world. Don't wanna mess this up. Better keep your eye on me girl..."

1 comment:

Michael Chanak Jr said...

Well, it is the Holidays and all. But, I did crave the video.

I have been wearing a pink sequin Mari Claus with fur ruff for the Holiday.

Because, I am, after all, an old loud mouthed Mother Sow. (Thank you Rusty Lockett.....I must share sometime how he captured my inner pig!)

Blessing to all!