Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BLOGGING: What's the purpose?

Added two new blogs to the blogroll today:

Living Out Loud (Cincinnati Edition)
Popular column from CityBeat -- I just think it's funny as hell. Covers some rather... interesting topics. I've chosen a representative picture (photo credit on the blog).

Equality Ohio
Though rarely updated, it's good to know the big news that's going on around gay Ohio, right???

Reading through the blogroll this morning, basically delaying the essays I have to write for school, I had to ask: Blogging -- what's the purpose? I mean, whatever, it's rhetorical. It's amateur journalism, for some; personal, for others; political, for a lot; an outlet, for an increasing number. Why does QitC write? Because, mostly, I'm bored, and I like writing to an audience of five, that may or may not include some local bloggers, but probably consists of my mom, my boss (if he's still reading), TY, Valeree at Cin Locavore, and Dan at QCS.

Love you all.

1 comment:

Dan said...

Too funny. I think there are at least 6 people who read my blog. :)