Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PERSONAL: Back to the hospital maybe

So the tooth pain that has been plaguing me for two weeks now has caused a GIANT lump on the side of the face. The nurses here are all freaking out when they see it. Most of them say "paratonsillar abcess" which could eat away my brain or cut off my ability to breathe.

So let's review the last few days:

1) Phone + $500 "stolen"

2) First AA meeting

3) Brain consuming abcess

I'll say everything's just dandy today.

So I may not be writing for a few days, just thought I'd let everyone know.

PS ---> Phone still down. Relevant (meaning: can get in touch with my family) people will be informed.

UPDATE: They gave me a prescription for a pretty strong anti-biotic. Here's hoping it works.

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Michi said...

i love you. get well soon ---- all my xxx, michaela