Monday, May 5, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE: Black Monday's at BronZ

Despite everything else that happened that night, the beginning of my evening was fabulous. Though, in all fairness, passing off anything as review for either BronZ or the Black Monday's would be like asking how do I feel about curling up in bed at night. Short answer: it's pretty nice, and it's comfortable. I'm not going to pretend to be unbiased. The Black Monday's feature some of my dearest (bar) friends in the world, and some of my favorite performers. BronZ is my home bar, and many many people I love go there, and I do, indeed, ADORE the bar owners.

That said, the Black Monday's never fail to blow you away. I'm sorry, it's hard to find good drag in this city, and the majority of drag kings -- bio-females performing as men -- are tired and rather boring. Meanwhile, the Black Mondays -- like the Lixxgood Family -- does their damnedest to bring you a show that's worth your time and money. My dear friend, AA (those initials make me giggle, now), does not like them because they featured a song once that involved date rape. Arguably, not a great topic, but it's nice someone is trying to perform with purpose rather than just shake their ass a little bit and hope for the best.

It is the secret to their success, I believe, that they are good because they care. If you ask any of them -- well, at least Succio because he and I have discussed this over and over and over again -- it's about gender and challenging it. And, more importantly, having fun. It's more than just making money and looking pretty; it's about having a good time and fucking with people conceptions of what gender is.

Succio, btw, gave me the best line that Kristy still lives by: "If you don't come off stage sweating and out of breath, you haven't done your job."

Now THAT'S drag I can respect.

Thank you guys and gals and others for a FABULOUS show the other night. It was, in a word, unbelievable. And you are probably the only drag group in the city who can pull some shit like an INTERMISSION and expect your crowd to hang around. Well done, darlings.

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