Friday, May 9, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE: Christ Hospital

I went into my preregistration meeting this morning with my preadvisor -- it's only May, so there's a lot of pre- involved -- and I mentioned my "gay work" in the past.

Woman gets EXCITED. Really excited. Apparently, Christ Hospital (and the associated college, to which I am becoming a part) is sadly lacking in LGBT influence -- and the fact that I have professional healthcare experience is quite exciting because I'm going to be able to "open eyes and shed light" on issues that are often not discussed in the school. She went on for a while, and then in the back of my head, two thoughts came up:

1) I get to be the token queer.

2) Was this a subtle way for me to get excited and get involved in my school as the token queer?

TY over at the Vinyl Polis, as well as LM, both say that I'm born to cause problems and be the torch bearer. But I wonder how much can be done at Christ Hospital.

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